Update: What’s Coming

Hello everyone and welcome again to the official website of the net label Luxus-Arctica records International. I’m happy to announce that, after a small delay/schedule change, we will be releasing our first EP by Lights Galaxia entitled Global. We’re very excited to get some great music out to you! That EP will be available for free download on the 12th of October, 02009. You can here a track from the EP below. Following that will be a full length album, right now projected for a November/December release, by Lights Galaxia. We’re currently interested in getting some music projects/bands/musicians on board. If you are interested in finding a label, please submit music via the “Sound Cloud” link to the right of this home page or on the submit page. You will also find on the ‘About’ page a physical address to send your demo to or an email address to contact us. We do have a few artists already on board with the idea of releasing music through this label – and they will be artists in the ambient/electronic or minimal ambient genres. We offer the best in radio play and networking to get your music heard by all the right sets of ears. Please subscribe to us on Twitter and stay tuned for more news!  – Luxx

The Last Lights in the City by Lights Galaxia


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