Upcoming projects

As with most people, the holiday times ahead are very booked for us here at Luxx.  Part of those busy times, however, is work on new projects coming up for the new year.  The Lights Galaxia expects to be in studio quite a bit over the next couple months putting together their album that should be slated for a early month release next year.  However, we also want to announce that some new artists are joining the roster here.  We’ll let you know who they are when it’s official, which should be soon.  Though we don’t have anything planned for release this month, we are expecting to do a monthly release on average with either an EP or a full length album.  In January we will be releasing our first compilation album which will include some work by excellent musicians in all of the styles we want to focus on.  There will be some minimal ambient, IDM + glitch, ambient electronica, and some tech/down tempo/psychill/synthpop type music.  Some of the artists that are presenting are Vitaly Tarasuk, Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Specta Ciera, Mnem_Onic, naotko, and The Lights Galaxia.  It should be a great set to mix!

Finally, we’re interested in your thoughts on what you’d like to hear.  Maybe some great artist recommendations?  Perhaps you are an artist looking for a net label?  Let us know!  We’re looking for artists all the time, even if you only have a track or two to release.  We are assembling a list for a possible future monthly podcast of news and great music that’s out there waiting to be heard.

Stay tuned…



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