As Fall winds down we are able to get a better perspective of upcoming projects. MAAP Excursion One has been released.  Luxus-Arctica artists Carl Sagan’s Ghost (MAAP founder) and theLights Galaxia have done work on tracks for the project.  Please visit the website and find out what it’s really all about.  An excellent and ground breaking experience for the ambient music listener.  Here is an updated version of the upcoming Winter schedule:

We have some artists on board for album or EP releases with the label that is expected to fill up the next few months and into Spring 02010.  Please note that we are still interested in more artists in the Ambient/Electronic, Glitch, IDM, and minimal Ambient genres.  For more information, please visit our “Submit” area.

Expect arrivals in the form of a compilation, our first podcast (the website can be found HERE and is separate so listeners can be encouraged to submit ideas and thoughts and comments that contribute to the podcast’s commentary.  This is a more Active” side of Luxus-Arctica and will have frequent news and updates – [currently in a pre-production phase]), theLights Galaxia mixes MAAP “Excursion One” , and an EP release from Carl Sagan’s Ghost (currently scheduled for January).  Stay tuned…



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