A New Years Special!

UPDATE:  Fixed link to Global EP on the right side of the front page.  Sorry about that!

Hello and happy new year one and all!  As promised, we have our special release MAAP mix by The Lights Galaxia for you!  It can be directly downloaded HERE.  We hope you like it!  We would also like to let you know that, in order to match our “uniform” artwork format for our releases, we have re-released the “Global EP” by The Lights for you.  It can be downloaded HERE.  We should have more updates coming for you soon.  As of this moment the Carl Sagan’s Ghost release and the first podcast by us (Luxx-Cast) is on schedule to be released the 12th of January.  Have a very happy new year’s day – sleep in, eat pancakes, watch the Rose Bowl, listen to the new MAAP mix… and appreciate life and the little things in it.  The universe is bigger than we can ever understand and time goes forever in both directions.  We’re only asking for you to consider the next 10,000 years (the Long Now) and the place of mankind in it.


2 responses to “A New Years Special!

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  2. Congratulation to The Lights Galaxia and all the contributers of MAAP E:1, this realy is a great mix of this innovative ambient project!

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