NEW EP by Carl Sagan’s Ghost!

The Colonial Spa EP is officially available!  The direct download link is HERE .  Please, get it and listen to it!  We swear you won’t be disappointed!  You will finally have a favorite album of 02010!

Carl Sagan’s Ghost is Daniel Davis.  Quickly becoming a favorite even out of his genre of minimal ambient music, he is known for his lush ambient sounds and deep, multi-tiered meaningful concepts.  With the Colonial Spa EP he has taken his catalogue in a hugely creative direction.  His plan for 02010 is to focus on shortened concept EP’s that can come across a bit like the short stories of Philip K. Dick of Cliff Simak, where less is much, much more.  Here’s what Davis says about it:

“Each of these (EP’s for 02010) will be an attempt at creating a fictional space in which the music exists.  The Colonial Spa is a kind of high atmosphere orbiting space-station where beings from around the galaxy gather to relax, trade items, and converse.” – liner notes from “Colonial Spa EP”
So please enjoy the release and let us know what you think of it!
Side note: The LUXX-CAST is currently behind about two weeks due to a busy schedule.  The show is coming together better than we expected and we are certain you will absolutely love it.  Currently we’re looking at FEB 1st.  Stay tuned…


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