Rearranging the furniture.

Updated: I think we’ve decided on a choice for a new website look.  Hope you enjoy it!  Also, you may have noticed we removed the podcast download on the right with the other releases.  We’ve decided on a different and better format to release the podcast under.  It will be released in the coming month or so as a Various Artist release.  But don’t worry!  We’ll be keeping interviews and commentary – but we’ll also be including a PDF format mini e-zine which should be featuring more interviews and commentary.  Stay tuned… – Luxx

Nothing is as equally frustrating as it is fun than rearranging the furniture.  Right now at Luxx we are doing just that with our website.  Trying some new things out… a new look/theme, colors, and logo usage.  We’re hoping that we decide on something soon, so please stay tuned…

Also we’d like to announce our next release by the artist Visuelle  Musik.  The album is entitled Solmis’olre Domir’emi. We are really really excited about it and can’t wait for you to hear it.  Just as a reminder, the Carl Sagan’s Ghost Colonial Spa EP was released last month and we strongly encourage a listen.  Amazing music from Daniel Davis, set in an intergalactic resort where you can lay back, take in the stars, and chill.  Check out our other releases as well!  Just click the album to the right to be transported there instantly!



One response to “Rearranging the furniture.

  1. Really like the new “skin” and “furniture arrangement” of the site 😉
    Having the podcast (hopefully including the ‘backdrop’ and ‘spoken word’?) soon also as a Various Artist album with an additional PDF is a great idea! Keep up the superb work, this is by now one of the best labels for this kind of music and “the ideas behind”…

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