Solmis’olre Domir’emi

It’s not often, even throughout the ambient music genre, that we’re allowed a full art experience.  It’s rare to find an audio experience that can translate music from graphics, take the tangible levels of realities and turn it into a true aural evolving sound work. This is what Mathias Brüssel has done with his album release of Solmis’olre Domir’emi.

Solmis'olre Domir'emi

Fortunately for us, the art from Visuelle Musik has found the secret to transcoding the different aspects of reality using constructed and treated language and morse-codes, adding field recordings and layering with guitars and other instruments to come up with something truly unique, intelligent, organic, and beautiful.

We encourage you to download the .PDF file (available on the actual download page) and look through the full 19 pages of liner notes and schematics (which is actually incredibly interesting) especially if you’re into the actual processes and programs created for use in the making of this album.  Full album art is also available on this page.

Click on the image to the above-right, or HERE (for direct music download) and let us know what you think of this masterpiece!



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