You must zip it. Zip it good.

Due to issues we’ve had in the past, namely not being able to have the entire package of an album (art + accessories) being available for download as one package, we’re now uploading ZIP files directly to each albums catalogue. Now, it’s important to note that we still will have individual files downloadable (it’s unnecessary to download the whole zip when you just need an image or a song, etc.). However, our priority will be the zipped edition. This means that our direct download links will link directly to the zip package, and on release day, should we have issues with uploading and such (which always happens), we will put the priority on making the package available first.

Currently we are in the process up uploading packages of all our downloads including special edition album artwork. The package will include the lossless WAV files as well. This process should take a few days and will probably be done by Monday of next week at the latest. So if you wait until then, the release links on the right side should be all adjusted to this transition. Be sure to subscribe to our Twitter feed to get the “go ahead”.

Another note: you may or may not have noticed we removed the “Luxx-Cast” link from the release bar on the right. Due to lack of time and resources, we feel that a podcast is not quite in our league (or rather, we’re not in it’s league). With this in mind, we have instead decided to do a special edition release of the same style show. The formatting may be a little different to it, but with emphasis on preference according to the listeners desire. This means there will be track separations so you can skip to (or over) an interview or song or dreadful commentary. This release will be in album form and will not be syndicated to podcast lists. The title, “The Luxus-Arctica Comprehensive Field Guide to Ambient Music of the Creative Commons” will be released sometime in the next few months and will probably be a bit hushed due to other releases by artists (which we’d rather not ruin). If you do desire to download the Luxx-Cast, it can still be found on our page. The new edition will include new commentary and hopefully a pdf mini-ezine featuring a couple more interviews and/or transcripts of the existing interviews and …maybe some extra junk in there. These “field guides” are likely annual or biannual releases.

As for upcoming releases, our artist list is as follows: Clark Nova Portable with “No Wait Okay Now”, followed by Specta Ciera and Marcus Fischer (current project name is map~map). Stay tuned…


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