All 4/1 and one for all

What a poor play on words.

All of the albums have been made available in ZIP format (which includes all formats available for tracks, all images, and subsequent files (PDF, press releases, etc…) featuring the “Special Edition” artwork.  This new edition is really just the new design we’re working with as a “uniform” style of artwork.  It’s slight at that, but to interest to some.  If you do not have it already, the full story and schematics of our last release “Solmis’olre Domir’emi” by Visuelle Musik is available in the ZIP (or by itself on the album’s download page).  All direct downloads of the ZIP files can be found to the right side of this website under “releases”.

On the first of April (4/1) we will have the newest release available by Clark Nova Portable entitled “No Wait Okay Now”.  This album is the composite of amazing work consisting of field recordings, bells, piano, and loads of beautiful timbre by Rudi Simmons, who also goes by the project name of Clark Nova, out of Norway.  This album is highly anticipated and you can hear it early if you tune into Lounging Sound radio where it has been added to their rotation.

We have a booked release schedule through the next 3 – 5 months.  However, if you would like to contact us and submit music for release on our label, let us know via email (found on the contact page), Twitter, or submit to our account on SoundCloud.  Furthermore, if you have thoughts or a review that you think would fit well in the eye of the public on our website, please let us know what you think.  Stay Tuned.  -Luxx


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