May releases

On May first we’re proud to do our first double release.  Devin Underwood (Drexon Field) brings us an offering from his solo project Specta Ciera with Wind Shift.  While being a minimal ambient album, one shouldn’t be fooled into thinking this is another presentation in drone sounds with virtually no character.  In fact, Wind Shift almost deliberately fools you into thinking it will fulfill it’s minimal destiny.  It really is something else entirely though.  Specta Ciera fills what would otherwise be the void with incredibly interesting layers of sonic environment that does NOT fail to keep one listening.  It’s easy to imagine yourself looking over the vast landscapes of tomorrow, the culturally flooded metropolis of a dystopian society, or even from the lunar cliffs – surveying the edges of Moon town.

Also coming on May Day is the first in special releases by LUXX – Collaboration No. 1, featuring Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Saffron Slumber, Specta Ciera, and Ehrler Vogel with At Dawn’s Harbor.  This is the first release by Ehrler Vogel who will be joining the other three artists as they continue a trend in their collaborations (the first being in the MAAP project, the second with Myth of the Near Future, released on Circles and Lines).  This release is a deep release – incredibly interesting music that allows you to really be “on location” At Dawn’s Harbor.  Stay tuned… -LUXX


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