Release the Albums!

Well, finally they are here!  Our May 1st double release of Wind Shift by Specta Ciera and our first collaboration album At Dawn’s Harbor featuring Carl Sagan’s Ghost, Saffron Slumber, Specta Ciera, and new artist Ehrler Vogel.  I promise you won’t be disappointed by either of these.

Specta Ciera’s Wind Shift is a neurotransmitter for the distances between reality and the temporal location network.  Subtly explore the cliffs above Moon town, the cities of 2125 , the vast organic landscapes of a robotic dream on a planet revolving around your frontal lobe.

At Dawn’s Harbor is an amazing collaboration between four artists culminating in one complete piece of art.  Expect to traverse across the oceans to some far away shore…

Click the album of your choice for an automatic download.

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