June release: Arctic/Antarctic

Marcus Fischer, otherwise known as “mapmap” (or through his blog, www.dustbreeding.com), has spent the last months collecting excellent field recordings using contact mics and other methods to create some of the most unique sounds that allow us to explore more closely the music in nature. Arctic/Antarctic is an amazing exposition of aural-ganic analyzing, synthesizing, and abstraction generation.

The following are Marcus’ notes on the album:

“Arctic/Antarctic is centered around a series of guitar based improvisations.  The first half, Arctic, consists of the gradual folding and unfolding of melodies played on guitar and sustained through the use of a custom designed granular delay plugin.  The asynchronous delayed notes are pitched both up and down resulting in organ-like textures.  Layered atop portions of Arctic there are the playful sounds of hail on the exposed tines of a toy piano.
The first 1/3 of the Antarctic portion is based on the slow shifting of loop points within a larger guitar loop.  The rest of Antarctic contrasts with prior sections.  Rather than using digital processes, this portion relies only on loops created using a system of modified analog cassette tapes.  These cassettes were played back and rerecorded at a distance capturing some of the surrounding sounds such as cats moving about the room and hints of nearby construction.”

You can download the album directly here or click on any image of the album on this page.  Enjoi!

(side note: this will be the last Luxx release of the season.  We may, however, release our “Ambient Field Guide” sometime this summer.  Look for the newest releases starting in October!)

10 responses to “June release: Arctic/Antarctic

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  5. hallo Marcus,

    ich habe gerade ihr stück “the dream” im deutschlandradio – michael engelhart – klang horizonte gehört. es geviel mir so gut das ich sofort auf web suche gegangen bin und zu meiner freudigen überraschung bieten sie ihr werk Artic/Antarctic sowie Devin Underwood + Marcus Fischer – Correspond zum freien download an. als hartz iv empfänger weis ich das sehr zu schätzen.

    herzlichsten dank

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