The Frontier

So, after tossing the idea around a bit, I’ve decided that 02011 seems like a good year to start releasing new music.  As, essentially, the curator of Luxus-Arctica, I’ve decided that The Frontier will be the theme for what Luxx would like to do – namely, outside of the release of new artists (as well as some artists who’ve previously released music with us), we hope to imbue a mindset of thinking of music in a new way.  This is something we think we’ve done in the past, but we’d like to specifically focus on an embracing of real open  mindedness, altruism, acceptance of the unknown, readiness to learn and assimilate, and to be filled by the unfathomable openness of the frontier and in doing so becoming a transient in a new found home (able to come and go at will).

In connection with the Luxx Long Now ideals, this is simply a breath of fresh air in understanding and taking in the endless panorama, as it were.  A future with no end.  A realization that the best thing mankind can do is better themselves.  The first step is becoming interconnected with each other and the land.  We may be endorsing (so to speak) some projects like the Gaia Gaiaproject – which also has creative focus on environmental issues (to say the least). …. but we’re certainly open to suggestions.  Please let us know if you have any.  … As for the rest of what’s to come; please stay tuned and we’ll keep you informed.


On a side note: we’re very sad to inform you (if you don’t already know) that Lounging Sound radio soon will not be in existence after the coming months.  LS radio has always provided the most choice of ambient, electronic, new age, and psytransce music.  I started work on the station in ~2003 and my friend Jourdan Laik maintained it designed it in it’s current form, and really was the lifeblood of it for the last 4 or 5 years.  Thank you Jourdan and will be sorely missed.

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