Photography Analysis

When LUXX started in August of 02009, we knew that we wanted to bring a couple ideas to the table.  While the music may inevitably vary over time, we told ourselves, we wanted to keep a few things in the forefront.  Chief among these things was the marriage of the natural world and the active social-behavioral structure – both through the use of field recordings – to a continuous audible landscape.  More directly: a catalogue of sound studies largely comprised of music.

The root vision of this was seen in the photography of Jourdan Laik.  While Laik’s own series of studies such as “Wildlife Analysis”, “Experiments in Light”, or his “Fall Excursion” pieces deal specifically with the natural world, they offer an incredibly human aspect of nature which really brings us close to our natural foundations – the subconscious elements which bond us to the Earth.  Interestingly enough, he says, “I prefer to not feature people in landscapes as they tend to become the focal point of the image.  In ambient music, the listener develops a sort of static vision which allows them to, not necessarily see, but be aware of all the elements at once – in essence making themselves part of the music.  This is what I hope to accomplish in my photographic studies.”  It’s because of this that Laik is our primary photographer for album art.  He continues to offer excellent variety and a beautiful vision of the LUXX catalogue, and we look forward to more work by him.

You can view his website and find both his book and his photography.


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