The Frontier and the new LUXX

So, as you can see we have a new look.  Here’s a summary of “the Frontier” – the 02011 theme for LUXX.

We hope to imbue a mindset of thinking of music in a new way. This is something we think we’ve done in the past, but we’d like to specifically focus on an embracing of real open mindedness, altruism, acceptance of the unknown, readiness to learn and assimilate, and to be filled by the unfathomable openness of the frontier and in doing so becoming a transient in a new found home (able to come and go at will).

In connection with the Luxx Long Now ideals, this is simply a breath of fresh air in understanding and taking in the endless panorama, as it were. A future with no end. A realization that the best thing mankind can do is better themselves. The first step is becoming interconnected with each other and the land.


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