My apologies, first and foremost.  As some of you may know, I am a full time student/father/other stuff.  Unfortunately this is usually the first project to get shelved when times get busy.  I do intend on continuing Luxx – but it will be sparsely used.

I would like to announce that we intend on doing a release in the next month and also a sort-of re-release.  The latter will be the Lights Galaxia album “Another Infinite City” (showing here) which currently is being sold on (for a very limited time).  It is my intention to re-release this album for free or pay-as-you-like at some point in the not-too-distant future.

The other album, which is much more important, is a release by Visuelle Musik, who previously released the album “Solmis’olre Domir’emi” under the Luxx label.  Mathias Bruessel (of Visuelle Musik) actually completed the album over a year ago and held steadfast to wanting to release it on Luxus-Arctica.  For this we thank him and are honored.  Having listened to it a lot, I can guarantee it is an excellent album and is readily identifiable, fitting very well with the sounds of the first release.  So this is just a brief update on the status of things – stay tuned…


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