Visuelle Musik – Terrestrial Locomotion

You know how we here at Luxx like new years releases.  In keeping with the trend, we’re incredibly happy to announce the latest album by Visuelle Musik entitled Terrestial Locomotion.  It’s been ready for release for over a year (or there-abouts), and Mathias Brüssel has kindly been patient with me.  It was important to me that Luxx released this, even though I think I completely dropped the idea of releasing anything else on Luxx again.  Visuelle Musik is exactly the kind of music we feel is part of the frontier of new music, something we wanted to explore (and, regrettably didn’t) this past year.

Whether it’s called “Associative Transcoding”, sampling, field recording, noise, art, … whatever it may be, it provides an honest and real viewpoint to our world.  No, it doesn’t give you the exact words describing your failed love life or even give you guidance for your future (Bon Jovi superfans make me sick).  But it presents a unique vantage as one man’s vision to how our world really works.

Terrestrial Locomotion is in concept “to use the earthbound movement of animals to derive rhythms from and to serve as a source of inspiration what each individual song may be about.”  It’s a clear statement on the connection of man to the other living, moving things on the Earth.  How do we interpret ourselves according to the Earth and all it’s other beings?  It’s entirely possible that the final piece on the album has changed my view of centipedes altogether (from incredibly creepy to an awe of their beautiful movement).  That’s not a joke.  And how similar we are, how psychologically tied we are to our animal being; to our kindred and the species we once were.

You can download the album via SoundCloud here:


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