New look & upcoming releases

So, you’ll probably notice over the coming weeks some tweaking of the website design.  The Lights Galaxia release Another Infinite City was released about a year ago to (expected) minimal sales.  It wasn’t my big plan to release it for sale, seeing as I much prefer Creative Commons/Free net releases.  But I thought I’d give it a spin based on some advice.  While it did profit me around $20.00 American monies, I don’t think I’ll be keeping it for sale any longer.  In fact, it will be available as a free release to the world via LUXX very shortly (days to a week or two).  I’m looking for a new place to host the files.  To this point, as you may know, we’ve always used  Archive is a great website and resource and I honestly wish it was a bigger deal than it was.  I may go back to using it, or I may use SoundCloud.  As listeners and free music downloaders, I’m hoping you have opinions.  If so, please email me: or comment below to let me know what you think.  I’m only giving this a few days to a week.  Thanks for your time and for listening.

I am open to new artist submissions currently for release on LUXX.  Our catalogue serves as a good example of what we are looking for – but additionally, I’m interested in field recording and some experimental ambient music as well.  Please see our Submit page if this is something you’re interested in.

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