Latest release by Ehrler Vogel!

Ehrler Vogel in the North Atlantic No. I

Ehrler Vogel in the North Atlantic No. I

Welcome Terrain 6 listeners!

Ehrler Vogel, like The Lights Galaxia, is my personal project.  When I created Luxus-Arctica records I wanted to curate a collection of incredible aural artwork that I knew existed in the Creative Commons realm of the Internet.  My work acts as a translator of where my aural tendencies lie which are hopefully reflected as well in the collection on this label.  As a student I have long periods of inactivity on this label – but, as I move forward with my last year of college at Eastern Washington University (Visual Communication Design & Public History), I hope to continue developing sonic constructs and bring more work from great artists in the far corners of the world.

The Ehrler Vogel project itself is based on field recordings and interpretations of landscapes.  This release includes 6 pieces from the collection titled “In the North Atlantic”.  In addition to these audio pieces, I also have a visual piece featured entitled “Charlemagne Sees the Cross” at Terrain 6 (as Joseph Snodgrass).

Please enjoy the free release found HERE. (download VBR ZIP file to the left or click on album art on this page to direct download!) 

To contact me directly, please EMAIL ME HERE.

#weallbuildthis #terrain6

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